About us

ESTHER is part of the Gaseous Electronics Group of the Institute for Plasmas an Nuclear Fusion, an Associated Laboratory of Instituto Superior Técnico.

The team will host the European Shock-Tube for High Enthalpy Research, where experimental research on plasma radiation of high-speed (>10km/s) shocked flows will be carried out.

The team also carries theoretical and numerical research on nonequilibrium kinetics and radiation in hypersonic shocked flows. We maintain and propose several databases and numerical codes on CFD, kinetics, and radiation of entry plasmas.



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Gas and Plasma Radiation Database

The GAS and PlasmA Radiation Database (GASPAR) is an archive of published data for discrete and continuum atomic/molecular radiative transitions in high-temperature gases and plasmas.


SPARK Line-by-Line Radiation Code

The SPARK line-by-line radiation code (Simulation Platform for Aerodynamics, Radiation and Kinetics)  is a numerical code for the simulation of the radiative properties of low-pressure, high-temperature gases and plasmas.

The code is written in FORTRAN and MATLAB language, and encompasses a large array of nearly 140 discrete and continuum transitions from gas mixtures such as Air, CO2-N2, N2-CH4, H2-He, or monoatomic plasmas.

The code is freely distributed under the scope of a GPL license.


ESTHER Shock-Tube Facility

The European Shock-Tube for High-Enthalpy Research is a Double-Diaphragm Combustion Shock-Tube developed under the funding of the European Space Agency.

STELLAR Database

State-to-State Elementary Rates Database