The STELLAR Database

The STELLAR database compiles a complete multiquantum dataset of vibrationally-specific rates for the simulation of the ground molecular states of Air (N2, O2, and NO).

The database encompasses over 34,000 rates for V-T, V-D, recombination, and Zeldovich rates.

for any questions please contact the maintainer of the database:


Database files (in MATLAB format)

3D Matrix, with (AB(vi),AB(vf),T)

The last vi, vf level corresponds to dissociated A+B (for a matrix with V-T, V-D and D-V processes). The Temperature interval is T=[100:100:100000]. The rate units are in log10(cm3/particle)

STELLAR has been presented at the 5th ESA Radiation of High Temperature Gases in Atmospheric Entry in Barcelona, 16-19 Oct. 2012.

The database is discussed in more detail in the dowloadable presentation

The associated energy levels list (in cm-1) is available below: