The STELLAR Database

The STELLAR database compiles a complete multiquantum dataset of vibrationally-specific rates for the simulation of the ground molecular states of Air (N2, O2, and NO).

The database encompasses over 34,000 rates for V-T, V-D, recombination, and Zeldovich rates.

for any questions please contact the maintainer of the database:


Database files (in MATLAB format)

3D Matrix, with (AB(vi),AB(vf),T)

The last vi, vf level corresponds to dissociated A+B (for a matrix with V-T, V-D and D-V processes). The Temperature interval is T=[100:100:100000]. The rate units are in (cm3/particle)

STELLAR has been presented at the 5th ESA Radiation of High Temperature Gases in Atmospheric Entry in Barcelona, 16-19 Oct. 2012.

The database is discussed in more detail in the dowloadable presentation

The associated energy levels list (in cm-1) is available below:

NEW: STELLAR-CO2 v2 Database files (in SPARK ASCII format)

The STELLAR-CO2 database is a kinetic model that aims at simulating the heavy-impact vibrational and dissociation processes in CO2

The database is described in the article:

J. Vargas, B. Lopez, and M. Lino da Silva, "Heavy-Impact Vibrational Excitation and Dissociation Processes in CO2", arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.10426 (2020). Download here.

The database is presented in the SPARK ASCII kinetic format, which allows quick retrieval of all the individual rates. The manual for the format is presented here

STELLAR-CO2 database (download here)

This work has been partially funded by ESA Contract No. 4000118059/16/NL/KML/fg "Standard Kinetic Models for CO2 Dissociating Flows"