Gas and Plasma Radiation Database


The Gas and Plasma Radiation Database (GPRD) is a database containing all the relevant data defining the spectroscopic and radiative data for the overall atomic and diatomic species of atmospheric interest. Compilations of numerical data published by different authors is available in downloadable forms. The database is freely provided as is to the scientific community, without any warranty of any kind. Access to the database only requires the users to fill a request form and send it to the database manager () in order to be provided with the password to the datafiles.


The database development team works in the field of high-temperature plasma radiation modelling (atmospheric entry and high temperature plasma sources). This database therefore mainly provides spectroscopic data for H, C, N, and O containing diatomic molecules. Most of the radiative transitions included in the database are rovibronic transitions, but ground-state transitions (rovibrational transitions) are also provided. In the near-future, it is expected to widen the initial scope of this database to nearby research fields (such as astrophysics or the study of atmospheric opacities). Future updates expected to occur include widening the GPRD molecular dataset to include minor isotopic species, and eventually to include more diatomic molecular species.
The database encompasses in it's present version over 300 different datasets and is ever growing. Users of the databse are strongly encouraged to share available data with the database managers in order to improve the database contents.


When referencing the database, please use:

P. Passarinho and M. Lino da Silva, "GPRD, A Database for the Spectral Properties of Diatomic Molecules of Atmospheric Interest", J. Mol. Spectrosc., Vol. 236, 2006, pp. 148-149. available at:


Last modified on August 27, 2012.